Since establishment in 1994, the bare bones of our business have been planning, designing, developing and production engineering of custom LCD panels and modules, while we have enjoyed a certain level of recognition by putting production out to contract and providing the products to our clients; what underlies here is our idea of "the control of shades".
"The control of shades" is our administration aiming to provide clients with safe products at reasonable prices without delay by controlling matters in the shades of our subcontractors concerning Quality, Cost and Delivery.
Its premise is that there is always a shade in a manufacturing company however respectable a standard it may have obtained; and it means to let the production under subcontract after having determined what sort of shade it is, whether it is possible to be improved and whether it will be, with our instruction and the like, a controllable shade.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to eyewitness their shades. Using our original Control of Shades Forms, we adopt a method of carrying out months of pre-operative investigations, letting them mass produce as outsourcing factories only after repeatedly having confirmed the results from that period.
The statement that the outsourced manufacturer 'has obtained a standard or has been certified by government, so their reliability is good' is, unfortunately, no more than a material for judgment; One cannot help but say that such attitude has led to anxiety over food safety in recent years.

Our idea of "the control of shades", we believe, is a valid philosophy to provide products which won't cause such anxiety in clients.
From now on, instead of keeping this philosophy within the range of LCD product business, we will expand our business in other fields, pressing our way through a wider range of markets, taking it as our mission to effectively provide products with this philosophy.

Company Profile

Company Name Japan Subcontract Inc.
Capital JPY 60,000,000
President    Shuichi (Steve) Araya
Vice President    Shingo (Sean) Yamazaki
Fiscal Term October (Once per year)
Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Asakusabashi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Asakusabashi Branch
Major Activities Designing and Trading of LCD / LCD Module
Thermal printer etc.
Major Customer
History 1994.Nov. Established Time Art Inc. at Ichikawa-shi Chiba
1997.Nov. Changed the company name to Japan Subcontract Inc.
1999.Jul. Transferred the head office to Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
2000.Apr Established the subsidiary company in Hong Kong
2007.Jul Established the technical support center at Rikuzentakata-shi
2011.May Transferred the technical support center to Kazo-shi, Saitama
2014.Dec Established the inspection factory at Kazo-shi
2020.Apr Relocated the inspection center in Kazo-shi


Domestic Facilities
Head Office Japan Subcontract Inc.
Nitto Bldg. 6F., 1-9-16 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053 Japan
TEL:81-(0)3-5820-8756 FAX:81-(0)3-5820-8766
Kazo Inspection Center 1-5-36 Fudooka, Kazo-shi, Saitama 347-0054 Japan
TEL:81-(0)480-31-6535 FAX:81-(0)480-31-6536

Overseas Facilities
Hong Kong Office JS Component HK Limited
Suite 1105, 11/F,
Two Chinachem Exchange Square,
338 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
TEL 852-2104-3688 FAX 852-2104-3720
Japan Subcontract lnc.