JSC Functions
  • We offer most appropriate specifications ― presenting ways to differentiate ― from ample experience, fixing attention on commodities (on markets).
  • We have most reliable shipment assurance system ― having experience of delivery to many international major companies ― with attention on commodities (on markets).

  1. JSC prepares drawings after listening to clients’ requirements for products, such as concepts and specifications.
  2. Along completed drawings, we instruct outsourcing manufacturers about elements in production control.
  3. Specifications will be provided to us with detailed experiment data (of characteristics) attached.
  4. We will carry out pre-shipment inspections to satisfy clients' requirement specifications, and items which passed these will be shipped out.

Network of JSC

  • We will recommend a factory, selected carefully from domestic and overseas outsourcing manufacturers, which can most appropriately carry out production in accordance with the product's specifications.
  • Prompt client service is realized by close coordination among our three bases inside and outside Japan.

Japan Subcontract lnc.